Friday, March 23, 2012

Fun Fridays

Best Bubble Solution
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So today was gorgeous and I really wanted to be able to spend some time with the kids outside. I have a little bubble machine that the kids love, but when I went to use it, I noticed I was all out of bubble solution. I found this bubble solution recipe online so I decided to make some.

I had an old "all" laundry detergent container, so I re-purposed it for my bubble solution. This way I can just pour the desired amount I want from the bottle whenever I need some.

I will post pics as soon as I try out the recipe (hopefully tomorrow). Supposedly it's the best bubble recipe...we shall see!

LED Balloons

So While I was at Walmart picking up groceries and some fun things for the kids, I saw these LED balloons over in the party section with the rest of the balloons. They are super neat and the twins really got excited about them. It's hard to tell in the pics, but there is a little LED light inside the balloons and when it was dark enough, they really glowed nicely. The light is supposed to last 11 hours or so and Grace even asked to use two of them in her room tonight as night lights.

DIY Bird House 

Another fun item I picked up for Grace was this build and paint bird house. She made one last year and loved it,  so I got her another one.  She really loves feeding the birds that visit our back yard, so she was excited to make a home for them as well.

Water Beads

We ended the night with a water bead bath. In the floral section of Walmart, they have these little $2.00 packets of colored water beads. They're tiny, dehydrated beads that swell up when you add water to them. You can put them in decorative vases with flowers, or in pretty glasses as centerpieces. Throw them in the tub (They are non-toxic, but don't let your kids eat them!) and you have lots of fun for the kids.

They do take awhile to swell all the way up, so I think next time I'll put them in a smaller container with water until they swell to full size and then dump them in the tub.  I just let Grace play with them because I know my boys would eat them if they got their hands on them. They come in lots of colors and you can get a few uses out of each packet.

Here is a photo about 4 hours after putting the beads in water. They do take a few hours to swell to full size, so plan ahead if you are going to use them in the tub.

The Daily Dish: Quick And Easy Salsa

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