Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Dukan Diet

Yes, The Dukan Diet Really Works!

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So I stared the Dukan Diet for the 2nd time this past Monday. Now, this is by no means an easy diet, but I will tell you that it works!  My favorite part about this diet is that I don't feel like I'm starving all the time, as I can eat as much protein and certain vegetables as I want. The last time I went on this diet, I quickly shed 7 pounds, taking me from 135 to 128. (I am 5'6..on a good day lol). Since stopping I have only gained back 2 pounds.

So how does the Dukan Diet work? Here's the diet described by Cosmopolitan.com:

Step 1: The Attack Phase
The initial phase of the plan limits food to just one of three food groups—protein. Though no food except egg whites is pure protein, you should aim to consume snacks and meals that are made up of foods whose composition is as close as possible to pure protein. Think: lean meats, fish, other seafood, poultry, and nonfat dairy products.
Dukan claims this is easy for everyone—even the most diet averse people—to follow because protein keeps you so full. Remain in this phase for 1 to seven days, depending on how much weight you want to shed. Because I only want to lose 5-8 pounds, I only need to do 1 day of the attack phase.

Step 2: The Cruise Phase
Now, start to alternate the protein-heavy stage with the same diet plus any green or cooked vegetables—all you can eat. Go back and forth daily between the two, a move that Dukan claims helps to burn up a ton of calories. There's no special breakdown of protein and veggies on the alternating days; just eat whichever you're craving and in whatever combination you prefer.
Stick to this stage until your target weight is reached, probably about five days for every pound you want to drop. It may sound like a drag, but Dukan swears that since you can eat as much as you want, satisfaction through quantity makes up for any lack of variety.

Step 3: The Consolation Phase
This is also known as the soothing phase and yes, it's as good as it sounds. You add two slices of bread and one portion of fruit and cheese to your daily diet, along with two servings of carbs and two "celebration" meals a week.
For every pound you lost, stick to this third step for five days. So if you dropped five pounds during the prior steps, you'd stay in the Consolation Phase for 25 days. Why so long? Dukan explains that the most common reasons people fail to keep off just-lost weight is that they reintroduce heavy foods in too quickly. Easing your body back into a more normal eating plan will help you from having all that hard work go to waste.

Step 4: The Permanent Stabilization Phase
Go back to eating a varied, yummy, not rigid, pretty-much-whatever-you-want-but-still-healthy diet without putting too much thought into it. Except for one day a week. For that one day, return to the Attack Phase.

This diet is pretty similar to Adkins, however you add Oat Bran to your diet and can only eat lean meat instead of fatty meats. You slowly add carbs back into your diet so you don't gain all the weight back once you stop.

Will I stay on the exact course forever....most likely not, but throwing in pure protein days definitely helps your body to shed those unwanted pounds. I'm a HUGE bread and pasta fan, so cutting them out is certainly difficult for me, but after a week or so, I promise it gets much much easier to say NO to them :)

Here's a link with even more info about the diet, and you can always search it on YouTube as well. I bought the ebook off Amazon and downloaded it to my mac.

I'll try to keep you all posted on if I make it to my goal weight or not :)

***Of course with any diet, please make sure your doctor says you are healthy enough to begin a diet like this.

***UPDATE 5/4/2012***
So after 18 days on the Dukan Diet (and I also use my elliptical 20-30 minutes each day) I have met my goal weight (I wanted to lose 10 pounds and I have)! I am feeling great and getting toned and that is what I really wanted to get out of the whole diet. Since I've met my goal weight, I'll probably stay in the Cruise Phase for another week or so (by choice) and then I'll hit the Consolation Phase where I'll start adding bread, fruit and cheese to my daily diet. I'll also be adding two servings of carbs and two "celebration" meals a week. :)

I haven't been this weight since I was in high school, so "naturally" I got my senior prom dress out of storage and tried it on. I'm happy to report that not only did it fit, but it was a little roomy as well! What mother of 3 (and I just had twins 20 months ago) wouldn't be thrilled to fit into her senior prom dress?!?!?!  I'll admit I wore it for about an hour before I sadly took it off lol.

Ok, since I've had some people ask: Here is my 2001 Prom pic. (Always scary to break these out lol).


The Daily Dish: Cauliflower "Mashed Potatoes" 
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  1. WOW~ Amazing results! Although I have 30x as much weight to lose than you did this diet sounds doable. You look amaze-balls ;)

  2. I lost 30 pounds on this diet a couple of years ago (after 3 kids), since I had another baby and gained it all back, but it really works, and I'm going to start it again.
    Congratulations on your weight loss!

  3. Wow! Fantastic results! I And even better job maintaining, I know how hard that can be too. I'be been following this diet for about two weeks and have only lost 3 pounds and that's with 45 min per day of strenuous exercise). I'm at similar weight/ height as you were. Do you mind sharing what a typical day diet looked like for you while you were losing?

  4. I'm glad that you have had so much success with this diet. It's good that you have not put on back much weight after you stopped the diet. That's the main problem I have with most diets- you tend to slowly put the weight back on after a while.

    I think it is important to be disciplined in our eating habits and i think that you may be a disciplined person. That means you will experience lots of benefits from this diet.

  5. It's true this is the easiest way of losing and keeping it off!! I paid Dr Bernstiens how much $$ just to gain back more than I lost. I love it!!


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