Friday, April 6, 2012

Glowing Easter Egg Hunt

A Fun Easter Egg Hunt At Night

We went over to my In-Luvs for dinner and for our kids to find their Easter baskets from their Gigi and Poppy. When it got dark, I took some glow bracelets and put them inside some plastic Easter eggs and hid them all over the downstairs.

My daughter Grace and niece Bella then went on a fun night time Easter egg hunt. They had so much fun finding the eggs in the dark that they wanted to do it over and over, and after I was done, they hid them from each other.

Just make sure if you are going to do this, that you use large enough eggs to contain a balled-up glow bracelet.  A fun new twist on the traditional Easter egg hunt!
My daughter's glowing basket

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  1. This is the first time I've heard of Easter egg hunting at night time. Remind me to do this next year. skyridge club apartments

  2. OMG!!! DUH!!! what a GREAT idea!! I haven't put my Easter box in the attic yet...and just might do this with the kids this weekend!!!!

  3. Go for it Tiffany! Lots of fun! :)


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