Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Baseball Cross Wall Hanging

Baseball Cross 

No, I can't claim this idea as my own as I found it on Pinterest, but I did however make it myself.
My husband is a baseball fanatic and I know the twins don't stand a chance when it comes to whether or not they'll play baseball lol. 

I took one of my daughter's Tee Balls (You can use a regular baseball, I just took what I had in reach). I used my seam ripper that I got in my sewing kit:
I gently separated the red stitching and removed the baseball's cover.

I then made the saying card in Photoshop and printed it out on matte photo paper (card stock would probably be best, but I didn't have any). 

I got out one of my old shadow boxes (you can buy them at walmart) and arranged the baseball cover in the shape of a cross and glued the card below. 

This will be hung in the twins' room and I hope it's something they will always look at to be reminded of God's grace in their lives. 


  1. how did you attach the baseball and what kind of black background?

  2. The background is just the black backing that came with the shadow box. It's almost more of a frame really. (They are from Walmart in the frame section) I just laid the baseball covering down on top of the black background and covered with the glass top. It's held between the glass and background. I'm sure you could use hot glue though if you had to.


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