Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fun Father's Day Printable

All About My Dad Printable
Kids say the funniest things sometimes don't they? They also say the sweetest things and that's what I wanted to capture for this year's Father's day.

This printable is called "All About My Dad," and was completed by my 4 year old daughter Grace.

This was so much fun to do. She wrote her name, drew the picture of her and her daddy, and I asked her all of the questions and wrote her answers word for word.

I plan on keeping this tradition up every year to see how her answers change and I'll also start this with my twin boys as well in a year or so.

I've included the blank printable below so you can print it out and have your child/children fill it out for Father's day.
Below is the link to the blank PDF printable:
*** Click Here For Printable

***Be sure to leave me a comment if you print it out so I can hear about all the fun answers!***

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  1. Mandy! I did the All About Dad with the girls and it was so cute! I laminated them and will give them to Zeke Sunday! Thanks for the good idea!

  2. You're welcome! Laminating it is a great idea Whitney! I will have to do that as well :)


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