Thursday, July 26, 2012

Diamond Candles

Diamond Candles; A Hidden Gem
Diamond Candles Website

Diamond Candles  take two of my favorite things (candles and jewelry) and marry them happily together for a fun and exciting experience that you'll never forget!

Each 21 oz. Diamond Candle is made from natural soybeans grown right here in the good old US of A. Each candle is still made by hand to ensure quality and let me tell shows!

The candles are $24.95 each, which is pretty comparable to Yankee Candles or Circle E Candles, and there are lots of fun, fabulous flavors (scents).

The best way I can describe this awesome candle to you, is for you to join in on the excitement with me. Here is my video review for the Diamond Candles Watermelon Wedge candle. I hope you enjoy it and go get yourself a Diamond Candle!

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  1. pretty ring, pretty cool idea. Makes burning candles fun ;)


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