Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Blue's Clues 1st Birthday Party

In just a little over a week my twin boys Liam & Jude will turn 2! I can not believe how fast time flies! As I was reminiscing about their 1st birthday party I thought, why don't I blog about the party and the decorations in case anyone is interested in a Blue's Clues party. I know it took me weeks to find and make everything that I wanted for the party, so here are the photos and info. about everything I had there.
The Cake:
Of course I have to start with the focal point of the party decor. This cake was made by a dear friend of mine who I am praying opens up her own bakery someday. She is truly gifted and her cakes are not only gorgeous, but they taste AH-MAZING! 

The Cupcakes:
These adorable Blue's Clues cupcakes were also made by the same talented woman who made the cake. The cupcakes without the Blue toppers were made by Cake Art.

Blue Clue's White Chocolate Lollipops and table decor:
The Blue Clue's Chocolate Lollipops were made by my mother and myself. I found the molds on Ebay and the chocolate and sticks I found at Wilton.com.
The Handy Dandy Notebook is from the Etsy shop AuFoyer, The Pail bucket is from the Etsy shop CraftsForKids, and the yellow shovel is from the dollar store.
The small paw print cakes were made by my friend and the birthday hats are from Mud Pie, although they have a different style of hat now. 
The blue confetti I made myself out of blue card stock. 

Blue's Clues Plush Animals, Mailbox and Candy:
The Mailbox card box I made myself out of cardboard, construction paper, Duck Tape and paint. 
The Blue's Clues Plush Animals I found on Amazon.com, and the blue and white candy are York Peppermint Patty Pieces. 

Balloons, Banner and Blue's Clues Shirts:
The Blue's head balloons are from Balloon Maniacs., and the blue star balloons are from Ebay.
The name banner I made myself out of card stock and white ribbon.
The twins' shirts were custom made by an Etsy shop that is now closed. You should be able to find other shops who make them though.

I also served Blue Kool-Aid as well.
I decorated the outside deck with balloons and blue paper lanterns that I found on Ebay.

Here is the birthday invite that I made for them:

If you have any questions or if you like what you see, please please drop me a comment below!

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  1. That’s so sweet!! You did wonderful decorations for your son’s birthday. Glad that he loved this surprise party and the cake is so pretty! For my hubby’s birthday I am also planning to do something like this but at an outdoor venue. Could you please suggest best event space for that?


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