Monday, September 17, 2012

DIY Princess Throne

I searched all over the internet for months trying to find the perfect princess throne for my daughter's birthday party. I found a couple of cute ones, but they were either sold out everywhere or they were $300-$400! 
I decided I would try to make one myself. I started asking on second hand facebook groups if anyone had an old chair that they wanted to sell. Finally someone tagged me in a post where a lady was selling a white wicker chair with a pink cushion for $15. Well I couldn't message her fast enough!
I picked up the chair and began the process of making it into a throne. Here is what I did:

(DISCLAIMER!!! I am NOT a seamstress! I think I have used my sewing machine a total of 5 times since high school and I know I did things a little backwards when making the cushion, but it worked for me, so I'm ok with that lol).
1. The white wicker chair (minus the pink seat cushion).
2. I put a large piece of brown paper up against the back of the chair so I could trace and cut out the pattern for my back cushion. 
3. I cut out the pattern and laid it on top of some pink satin fabric. I cut out two pieces of satin for the front and back of the cushion.
4. I then ironed the fabric on a low/synthetic setting.
5. I matched the pieces together and sewed almost all the way around the fabric. Leaving a large enough opening for stuffing.
(I really should have done this with the wrong sides facing out so the stitch would have been in the inside of the cushion. I didn't care though because I was going to cover the stitching with a french gimp trim and that gave me an edge to attach the trim).
6. My cushion after filling with stuffing. ( I probably should have attached the buttons before stuffing, but I forgot...oh well lol) I stitched the hole closed at the bottom corner. 
7. I hand-sewed the buttons on and then I then hot glued (oh how I love my glue gun!) the gold french gimp all around the outside of the cushion.
8. The finished cushion.
9. I then attached the cushion to the back of the chair with hot glue.
10. The pink seat cushion came with the chair or I would have had to make a matching one (Praise the Lord I didn't have to do that! lol).
And finally, I bought an inexpensive pink tutu off amazon for $5, cut the back of it so it would open up and attached it to the front of the chair with hot glue.
I found a wooden crown on Etsy,  painted it, and added some "bling" :)
That's it...a throne fit for a princess and the whole thing only cost me around $30. 

I hope you like it! :) 


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