Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fall Leaves Votive Jar

I love Fall and so does my 5 year old daughter Grace. I wanted to find a project for her and I to do together that involved pretty Fall leaves from our area.

I came across some Pinterest pins of different ideas, and found a couple of Fall leaves votive jars. Most were done with fake leaves, so I decided Grace and I would make one with real leaves. 

Grace had a blast finding the leaves and collecting them in an old pretzel container. When we came inside I grabbed my Mod Podge, brush and Mason jar and we got started.
Here is how you make this lovely Fall leaves votive jar:

First, make sure you have a bunch of leaves that are vibrant in color, but still can be bent without breaking. 
Second, grab your Mod Podge in Matte, a brush and a jar of your choice. I used a large Mason Jar that I had on hand. 

Third, Pick out the leaves that you think will fit best on your jar, and cover your jar in Mod Podge. Then stick each leaf on your jar as you wish.
After you have placed your leaves on the jar, apply a layer of Mod Podge over the leaves and jar.
I applied 2-3 coats (letting each one dry before applying the next) to make sure my leaves stayed stuck to the jar.
Lastly, I added a small votive candle to the jar and viola...a beautiful fall votive jar for my table.
Now go make one! :)

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