Wednesday, December 5, 2012

TreSkinRX Review & Giveaway

Recently I was contacted by TreSkinRX consultant Leen's Team to try their two week trial kit for normal/dry skin. I was excited to try it out since TreSkinRX's ingredients are 100% Organic, Pharmaceutical-Grade Aloe Vera Based.

Why is this important? Well for one thing, most skin care companies preach how important water is in their products. How well it hydrates your skin. The simple fact is that our skin is almost water-proof. We have hundreds of layers of dead skin that actually help to water-proof us and provide a barrier against infection.

If water is their main vehicle to deliver all other key ingredients, then those ingredients simply don't get fully absorbed. TreSkinRX is aloe-based. Aloe is readily absorbed into the skin and has been proven to heal damaged skin. Aloe is also an excellent anti-inflammatory, which can help a wide array of skin conditions.

So, here's the scoop. I tried the products and I LOVE them all! I especially love their daily exfoliant EX3. 

This stuff is no joke! When you first start using it, you'll want to mix it into your moisturizer until you get used to it. You're definitely going to feel this working when you put it on and I love the Vitamin C microbeads. Your skin will feel AH-MAZING after using this! I kept feeling my face because it felt like a baby's skin! Love, love, love it! 

The purifying cleanser is also a great cleanser and I highly recommend it. I also loved the Triple Defense Day Moisturizer (with SPF 15) and the Night Repair Moisturizer.

Thanks to TreSkinRX thru Leen's Team I'm giving away a two week trial that includes the cleanser, day and night moisturizer and also the EX3! Good Luck!

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