Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Downy Unstopables In Your Tart Warmer

Here's a great idea I found on Pinterest. Purchase a container of Downy Unstopables in the scent of your choice (I chose Shimmer), and pour some of them in your tart warmer. 
I probably used too many in this photo as just a little goes a long way!
You house will quickly fill with these amazing scents that will last and last. I find I like using these better than scented wax tarts. 
For around $6 you'll have enough to last you months and months. The best part, is when you are done using them in the warmer, just toss them in your wash for fresh laundry!

Now I am certainly no chemist, but I did want to look up the ingredients and their toxicity.
(Downy has not tested their product in warmers so they can not give stats on this type of use, so use at your own discretion)

The ingredients of Downy Unstopables are: 
Poly Ethylene Glycol, The fragrance and the dye. 

Poly Ethylene Glycol has a very low toxicity and is used in many products you use daily including most detergents, laxatives, skin creams, toothpastes, antiperspirants, etc. 
You are melting these ingredients and not burning them, so it's basically the same as when they get on your clothing in the wash and you're breathing in the perfumes and ingredients from your clothing after. 
However, if the fragrance would bother someone's allergies, then of course don't use it.
Also, a natural, essential oil is always the healthiest option for home fragrances.


  1. Do you use a candle? Do they melt like wax candles? Looks like a great idea.

  2. I'm not really sure if this is safe but just in case you are going to do it here is some info on Ethylene Glycol Poisoning.


  3. Ok I posted the one above and I wanna change what I said. This is probably a bad idea, in an un-ventilated room. I read some info about Ethylene Glycol on the Center for Disease Control website and it said that vapors from it are heavier than air and tend to stay low and collect. It directly warns against inhaling this stuff.

  4. This is Poly Ethylene Glycol, which is different form Ethylene Glycol. But of course if you feel it is unsafe for your house, please do not use. I'm more of an advocate for natural, essential oils.

  5. I'm sorry for posting again but I was wrong. I missed the part where the Center for Disease Control said that it is unlikely to get poisoning from inhaling it. But it can irritate your throat and give you headaches, in certain doses, it could really irritate your eyes and throat. Read the above posted article and this for more info.


    And I would appreciate it if someone could delete the other 2 posts above.

  6. I completely understand your concern though. I wouldn't stand over it inhaling it or anything, and I make sure the room is well ventilated just to be safe. It's also not something I do on a daily basis. No worries! :)

  7. Polyethylene Glycol Vs. Ethylene Glycol

    Although they have similar-sounding names, polyethylene glycol and ethylene glycol are very different compounds. In controlled amounts, polyethylene glycol can be ingested. Ethylene glycol, by contrast, is very toxic. Polyethylene glycol is often found in medicines such as laxatives. Ethylene glycol is best known for its use in antifreeze and deicer solutions.

    You can read the rest of the info HERE
    Read more : http://www.ehow.com/about_5977662_polyethylene-glycol-vs_-ethylene-glycol.html

    I'm glad everyone is being extra careful but It would be nice if people got the facts straight before posting on how deadly a certain chemical is.

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