Wednesday, April 3, 2013

LeapFrog's Mr. Pencil The Lost Colors of Doodleburg Review & Giveaway!

After reading; writing is the #2 skill parents want their children to master. And when it comes to helping your child with their handwriting; you print out practice sheets, buy handwriting workbooks, bust out the pencil and pad, but what else can you do to make learning to write fun?

Well LeapFrog has come to the rescue with Mr. Pencil The Lost Colors Of Doodleburg Ultra eBook! Join Mr. Pencil, Dot and Dash as they rescue the colors of Doodburg back from the not-so-nice Dr. Dull.

There are six built-in reading and writing activities plus three mini-games that reinforce reading comprehension and word recognition skills. And children can use LeapPad's built-in microphone to narrate the story!

The story is written at three different reading levels that adjust automatically from simple to more complex text as your child builds reading skills. Your child will also build vocabulary and phonics skills.

 My favorite part about the game is how it builds my child's letter tracing skills.
 Your child traces over the letters with their LeapPad stylus to complete the correct letter. With some other tracing games, you have to be pretty precise or the game doesn't recognize that you've traced the letter. I really love how Mr. Pencil uses a larger tracing area that progressively gets smaller as your child masters that skill. Brilliant!

If your child owns either the LeapPad1 or the LeapPad2, and is between the ages of 4 and 7,  I highly recommend you purchase Mr. Pencil The Lost Colors Of Doodleburg for them. This is one great educational tool!

Want to WIN the game cartridge for your child?!?!? Make sure to enter below!

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  1. i want that game so bad for my children!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Leap frog is always one of the best comapny for educational toys. i really want to buy this mr pencil for my nephew for his upcoming birthday.


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