Thursday, May 30, 2013

Platinum Glo Airbrush Spray Tanning Review & Giveaway!

Platinum Glo Airbrush Tanning's "Tan Can" is a quick and easy way to achieve that beautiful tanned glow anytime and anywhere.

There are plenty of at-home spray tanning products out there, and I've used quite a few, but I've found this one to be my personal favorite.

The biggest thing I noticed right away is that it smells wonderful! Usually I hate the smell spray tans leave on my skin, and it's one of my biggest complaints. Platinum Glo's Tan Can reminds me of the smell of Hawaiian Tropic products that I used to use back in the day. Just a nice beachy scent.

  • You start by having exfoilated skin, free from perfumes or lotions.
  • I also put on latex gloves just to ensure I didn't get any on the palms of my hands.
  • Hold the can 8 to 10 inches away from you skin and begin spraying. 
  • Keep the can moving slowly and let the mist coat your skin. 
  • I then used my hand (covered by the latex gloves) to blend the spray evenly over my skin. I moved my hand in small, circular motions until I felt it was well blended.
The whole process is quick, easy and dries super fast.
I also didn't shower for 4-6 hours after application.

Here is a photo of my legs (left leg is 2 hours after application and nothing on my right leg).
You can keep coating your skin to achieve your desired tan. As time went on, my skin became a little darker than what you see here.

I am so happy with the results. No orange legs (as have happened with some at-home tanning products in the past).

Platinum Glo uses a purple base, not green, and that's why you won't get that orange, oompa-loompa look ;)

The "Tan Can" is currently $30 plus $3 shipping. They are working on their website but do accept Paypal, so if you visit their Facebook page HERE, you can order your own "Tan Can". 

Platinum Glo Airbrush Tanning is also offering a "Tan Can" in a giveaway! YAY!
Make sure to enter below:
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