Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Deli At Pecan Square Review

Family, Food & Fun!
The Deli At Pecan Square (1210 Nanticoke Rd. Unit #13 
Salisbury, Maryland 21801)
I recently visited The Deli At Pecan Square for dinner with my family. As soon as you walk in, you immediately feel that warm, welcoming feeling.  The atmosphere is bright and cheerful and the decor is pleasing to the eye.
We sat down, strapped the twins into the high chairs, put Grace in a booster seat, met our wonderful server and started to look over the menu.
 The Deli At Pecan Square serves Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, 7 days a week from 9-9 Mon-Fri and 8-9 Sat & Sun.
They also offer catering, carryout and delivery.
We ordered chicken fingers with french fries for the kids, my husband ordered a Greek salad and I ordered their made-from-scratch goulash. I was born and raised in Northwest Pennsylvania, so I grew up on goulash and was pretty excited to see it on Maryland's Eastern Shore. 
The portions are wonderfully HUGE! They definitively don't skimp when it comes to portion size.
The salads were colorful and crisp, the garlic bread was wonderful and the goulash was just like mom makes. Everything was delicious!
The best way I can describe the atmosphere while eating, is that (coming from an Italian family), it reminded me of big family dinners where everyone was around the table enjoying the food and each other's company.
There definitely is a feeling of family there and I absolutely love that.

We ordered their homemade strawberry pretzel salad (another favorite of mine growing up in PA) and had to get it to go since we were so full from dinner. The pretzel salad was perfect! I must say I was a little jealous, as I think I make the best strawberry pretzel salad around ;) 

So if you live on DelMarVa and want a nice place to take your family for breakfast, lunch or dinner, please stop by The Deli At Pecan Square. You can also find them HERE on Facebook. 

Let's all support our locally-owned businesses to keep our communities thriving!

Please print out the coupon below and take your family out to eat at The Deli At Pecan Square:

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