Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My Fall 2013 Hair

I've had quite a few emails and messages asking me for updated photos of my hair.

Since I just had it done (September 18, 2013) I figured I'd post the different angles of my hair cut and color.

This time I went for more platinum blonde highlights with a chestnut lowlight. The lowlight was meant to be more of an ash tone, but both my stylist and myself loved the finished chestnut hue.

My cut is a layered inverted bob.

Stylist: Amber Heater
Instagram: pinupstylist89
Salon: Gorgeous


  1. It's sooo cute! I get lots of questions about hair too. LOVE having a sassy fun short do! YOU are adorable! Love the lowlights! ;)

  2. Love the colour, and the style of the cut, is that easy to manage everyday??

  3. I don't comment on blogs or have a blog. But I love your hair! I took these pictures to my stylist and got your cut but can not get it to look as great as yours. Can you please please please do a tutorial!!!

  4. Have you done a tutorial on how you blow dry and style this angled bob? Adorable.

  5. She is very beautiful! Nice hair!

  6. You are looking absolutely stunning!!! Wish, I had such thick hair :-)

  7. Thank you for sharing the article. Very useful for me this novice.


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