Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sillites Direct Plug-In Window Candles Review

My sister and brother-in-law recently built a house and love the look of candles in their windows, but didn't want the annoying wires hanging down below each windowsill.

Their electrician mentioned something about candles that plug directly into an outlet that you install in your windowsills. Well they were sold.

Sillites are direct plug-in window candles that solve the ugly wire problem.

What makes Sillites different from other window candles is that "with Sillites®, you totally eliminate the need for extension cords, thereby removing the ugliness and hazards associated with them. Moreover, Sillites® present a rigid and secure installation by virtue of being mounted with a standard three-pronged grounded plug. Sillites® candles can also be wired together so that they can be controlled from a single switch, timer or photo-cell.

Sillites® candles include a 7-1/2 watt bulb that is safe to touch. The bulbs are available at any Lowe's, True Value Hardware or any lighting store; so they are easy to replace the day of your big party, (unlike low voltage candles that use a hard to find proprietary bulb). The 3 watt flicker bulbs can also be used in our candles. We offer the standard 7" tall candle and also a 9" tall candle to look appropriate in larger windows.

Since Sillites® candles operate on standard 120v power: the Sillites® self-contained receptacle (SCR) is wired with standard Romex wire and can easily be added to an existing home by simply drilling a hole in the existing window sill and running the wire through the wall to the nearest outlet; (this is especially easy if your house is already wired with a “holiday circuit” of switched outlets beneath each window).

Here is what the installation process looks like:

After the electrician ran the wires to the sills, my brother-in-law installed all of the lights. He said the installation was fairly easy.

I love how the outlets are flush with the windowsills and you barely notice them at all.

No more ugly wires! YAY!

 Here is the finished product:
So there you have it. Beautiful window candles with no ugly wires to worry about.

If you are interested in Sillites for your own home, please click HERE.
Also, if you purchase a set of Sillites and mention Life Songs Of A Busy Mom,  they will throw in a set of replacement bulbs! YAY!

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