Wednesday, October 9, 2013

School Picture Day For Homeschool Students

I went to Public School from Kindergarten through senior year of High School, and every year I remember getting all dressed up and having my hair just right for school picture day.

I enjoyed school picture day. For me it was a day to look your best and be proud of the grade that you were in. I even liked those little black combs they gave us so we could fix our hair right before the photos were taken.

Each year it was the same Lifetouch backgrounds. That blue, acid wash-looking background, where we looked like we were floating in the clouds. I think one year we were even able to pick between blue, green or purple. That was pretty exciting lol.

Anyway, as I began homeschooling my daughter for Kindergarten this year, I realized I wouldn't have that collection of photos from Kindergarten and up.  So I decided I would have my own Homeschool Picture Day. 

If you homeschool, I highly recommend you take yearly photos of your children. Now if you're like me, you most likely already have a ridiculous amount of photos of your children, so why not take a yearly homeschool photo of them? 

The backdrop can be anything and doesn't have to be fancy. I used my homeschool room I have downstairs, and set up Grace's table in front of the whiteboard and alphabet wall hanging. I thought it would give it a nice "school" feel for the background.

I probably took about 20 photos and narrowed them down to my two favorites (another plus of taking the photos yourself).  I am so happy with how the turned out. I uploaded them and edited them in PicMonkey, and they turned out better than I had hoped for. 

It was nice to be able to stop and fix her hair if needed, or tell her to smile with teeth or a closed mouth. Things I wouldn't be able to do with traditional school photos. 

I'll be ordering my prints to give out from (the website many professional photographers use), however, you can upload them to any photo website if you wish, or even print them out at home. 

So to all my homeschool mommas out there...bust those cameras out (or even your smartphones) and have a Homeschool Picture Day!


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