Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Paw Patrol Birthday Party

My twins just turned 4 and they are obsessed with Paw Patrol!
Currently there isn't much out there for Paw Patrol party supplies, so I had to get creative when I planned this party.
Etsy and Pinterest are your best friends when planning a party (as well as Amazon).
Thankfully you can find a ton of party ideas on Pinterest and lots of cute, handmade items on Etsy.
Amazon, Ebay, Oriental Trading Co, Walmart and the Dollar Tree were also great places to find party decor.
Here's how it all turned out, and also where I purchased/found everything.
(Please click on the photos to enlarge them).

The entrance:
Walking through the door, you immediately followed these cute paw print floor decals.
They cling to any smooth surface and come off easily after use.
I purchased them here from Oriental Trading Co.

The cake/buffet table:
The balloons were all purchased on, as well as the table cloth and party hats. 
The red, blue and yellow banner was purchased at Walmart.
The red dog bowls were each $1 at the Dollar Tree.

The Food:
The cake was made locally by the talented Susan Patt of Cake Art in Salisbury, MD.
 I purchased the little Paw Patrol toys at
(My twins love Chase and Rubble from Paw Patrol)
The cupcakes were also made by Cake Art, and the Sugar Cupcake Toppers were made by
 The fire hydrant cupcake holder was from Oriental Trading Co.
 The cutlery, plates and napkins were from Walmart.
Please click to enlarge
 The Paw Patrol food label cards (printable) were from Etsy.
The food was all purchased from Walmart, Sams Club or Amazon and (if needed) made at home.
The Scooby Snacks were ordered on Amazon (but are available in some Walmarts).
The blue cotton candy was purchased at Sams Club.

The drink area:
For the drinks, I made lemonade and filled glass mason jars with daisy cut lids.
I covered the holes in the lids with Paw Patrol (printable) stickers from Etsy.
The paper straws were purchased on Amazon.

Paw Patrol Shirts and puppy noses:
These adorable, embroidered Paw Patrol shirts were purchased on Etsy.
The Paw Patrol personalized cups were purchased on Etsy &
the puppy noses were from Oriental Trading Co.

The gift area:
The Paw Patrol Happy Birthday Banner (printable) was purchased on Etsy, and the balloons were all purchased on Amazon.

The pinata:
 The bone pinata was purchased on Ebay.

Well there you have it! 
I hope you enjoyed this Paw Patrol birthday party and if you have any questions, please feel free to comment below.


  1. Hi Mandy,
    Thank you for including my products in your son's Paw Patrol Birthday Party! My product is featured with the Blue Personalized Paw Patrol Party Favor Cup that Jude is holding in the picture above. You can see what other products I offer for Kids Birthday Parties at and
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    ~Business Owner Patrice

  2. These are great ideas, my son is turning 4 in June and I am already starting to plan the party now because it is so hard to find things for Paw patrol. You have made the search much easier, thank you!!!!

    1. You're very welcome! It was so hard for me to find everything, so I wanted to help make it easier for others trying to party plan. I'm so happy this helps!

  3. So stinking cute!! My son is having a Paw Patrol party in Feb where did you get the dog bowls to hold the food?

  4. I talk about where I purchased everything in the blog post. All items are mentioned above. :)

  5. Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas! My question is did you print the banner on plain paper or photo paper?

    1. You're very welcome! I printed the banner on card stock.

  6. just wondering where you got the red dog bowls for snacks? Thanks for the great ideas!

  7. Where did you get the mason jars that is such a cute idea I am trying to throw a party for my son on the 31st of January and it has been tough all the decorations come right after his birthday

    1. The mason jars were purchased from my local Giant grocery store. The link to the Daisy cut lids is above. 😊

  8. would you be willing to sell any of your decorations at a discount if you have any left over

    1. So sorry. I don't have any of the items to sell.

  9. Thank you for those awesome ideas. I'm planning my son's 3rd Birthday party in April.

  10. I really like the ides that you came up with I am looking to do that same theme for my twins they are turning 2 this year and just love Paw Patrol thank you so much for the ideas now I can have a direction to go into.

  11. You're so welcome. Thanks so stopping by! 😊❤️

  12. Hi Mandy, my son will be 4 in June. Was it expensive to do the party like this? I am a single parent and on a budget, but want to give him a great birthday.

  13. Hello! I'm planning my daughter's 5th birthday party around the paw patrol. I saw you had the puppy chow food and I was wondering what items did you use for it. Also what would you also use besides what you did?

  14. Hello! I'm planning my daughter's 5th birthday party around the paw patrol. I saw you had the puppy chow food and I was wondering what items did you use for it. Also what would you also use besides what you did?

  15. The table cloth you purchased on Amszon, was it plastic or cloth?

  16. Where did u get the doggy bone stickers to go on the doggy bowls

  17. I can't figure out how to buy the puppy bowls from the dollar tree not in bulk. Can you tell me how you did that?

  18. Hello, where did you find the name cards where you labeled the food?

  19. hi girl where i can get this bowl

  20. Hi love this party just wondering did the dog bowls come with the bones on or did you put them on? Thank you


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