Thursday, December 11, 2014

Make It A Spin Master Game Night!

 Have you checked out these fun games from Spin Master?  I was sent Boom Boom Balloon, Moustache Smash, Shark Mania and Hedbanz Act Up recently, and let me tell kids LOVE them all! 

We started with Boom Boom Balloon.
This game is tons of fun. It's easy for my 4 year old boys to play, and my kids can't get enough of it. 

 The object of the game is to keep the balloon from popping.
"It’s Boom Boom Balloon, the crazy game where you take turns keeping the balloon from popping! Roll the die, and carefully push in a stick until it clicks. Watch as the balloon changes shape - will the next click make it pop? It’s the ultimate game of anticipation where you never know when the balloon will go BOOM!" 
I must admit, I was covering my ears with every click! I still jump every time the balloon pops, and the kids laugh wildly. It's so much fun!

You can purchase Boom Boom Balloon at:
Amazon Target Toys R Us

The next game we played was Moustache Smash
 What a cute game! This is another easy one for the kids, as they match their moustache's color or shape. When a matching moustache card is dealt, you "smash" it with  your moustache stick (which has a suction cup on the end of it so you can pick up the card with it). 
"Look! Match! Smash! Moustache Smash is the 'stache smashing game that’s full of speedy, silly-looking fun! Each player holds a moustache up to their face. As each card is turned over, watch for a card matching your ‘stache in color or shape. See a match, and smash it fast! If you're the fastest, your moustache’s suction cup will pick it up and you score a point. But don’t smash the wrong card, or you’ll pay a 2-card penalty! Collect the most moustache cards and you win. Moustache Smash is a suspenseful and hilarious game rolled in one!"
 This is also a family favorite! 
You can purchase Moustache Smash at:

 The next game we played was Shark Mania
This game is a race against the clock type of game. 
"It’s a shark-chomping race with no time to waste! In Shark Mania, your pirate ship has run aground on treacherous Shark Island and your gold booty is overboard. You’ve got to get yourself to the island safely while collecting as many gold coins as you can along the way. But don’t get caught by that shark nipping at your heels. or you'll be out of the game! The winner is the pirate who has collected the most gold coins AND makes it all the way to the safety of the island without getting chomped by the hungry shark. Bring home the frantic fun of Shark Mania, today!"

The sharked moved a little too fast for my 4 year old boys to keep up, but my 7 year old didn't have any issues. The boys still love it though, and want to play it all the time. They love when the shark pops up.

You can purchase Shark Mania at:
Amazon Kmart Target

Toys R Us

The last game is called  Hedbanz Act Up
 This game is a little harder for the young ones that can't read. You can help read the cards for them though. I'm sure you all have seen the adult version of this game. :)

"Hedbanz Act Up! is the fast-acting family game where everyone's a star! Each player draws a Game Card and puts it in their headband for everyone else to see. On your turn roll the die - whoever's headband matches your roll will act out clues to your card. Can you guess what's on your head before time runs out? Hedbanz Act Up! is family fun for 2-6 players ages 8+. Act fast with Hedbandz Act Up!"
You can purchase Hedbanz Act Up at:
 Amazon Toys R Us

So the next time your kids have their faces buried in their electronics, turn everything off and have a family game night. You'll be glad you did! 

Disclaimer: I was given the above products free of charge, with no expectation of anything in return. My review is based on my own honest thoughts and opinions, as well as my family members. 


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