Monday, February 8, 2016

BackJoy SitSmart Review

 A little while ago, I was given a SitSmart to review from BackJoy. Because I am a blogger and also a homeschool mom, I spend a lot of time sitting. My posture is terrible when I sit. My back is always rolled over and that causes my shoulders to roll forward as well. 
When using the SitSmart, my pelvis is tilted upright, allowing me to sit with proper posture.
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BackJoy's mission is to fix the way the world sits, stands, sleeps and moves. Leveraging what experts (and moms) across the globe have known for years--that better posture prevents back pain and promotes general health and well being--the company creates and distributes innovative product solutions that improve consumers' posture so they can achieve more from life.
The SitSmart is very light, and easy to take with you. It relieves a lot of the upper back and shoulder pain I get when sitting for a long time.
The SitSmart comes in two sizes; Youth and Adult. It also is available in three styles; Posture Plus, Relief and Pro Gel with Memory Foam.
So there is a SitSmart for everyone! So if you suffer from back pain or bad posture, I recommend trying out the SitSmart from BackJoy. 

*I was given a SitSmart as well as compensation in exchange for my honest review of this product.